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Music as sweet as candy floss

A special experience for young and old alike: The nostalgic sounds of our mechanical musical instruments, fairground organs and street ballad organs, which where built in Waldkirch during the last centuries and delivered all over the world.

During our guided tours the instruments in our famous organ collection are played and interesting background information is related. Your guests will enjoy a pleasurable musical hour with our trained guides.

On request, coffee and cake or pretzels with butter can be served in our little museum coffee shop.


Guided tours are also possible outside the opening hours, if booked early enough in advance.

Guided tour for adults in German, English or French: € 4,50

For groups of 25 or more persons: € 120,-



The clever black foresters

Starting with the farmer’s room, we illustrate for you what life was like in the black forest in former times. For the black foresters it was full of hardships, between steep and scant meadows and dark forests. So, out of need, they became craftsmen and tinkerers to add to their meager income.

Clever black foresters have always been experts in how to utilize and develop technical inventions to suit their own needs and possibilities.

The cuckoo clock started a black forest success story which leads us right up to the musical machines of the black forest instrument makers.

The Bruder family of Waldkirch was especially successful in selling their mechanical musical instruments in and beyond Europe, thus turning ‘ Made in Waldkirch’ into a trade mark.



The Chinese Nightingale

This guided tour tells of artful, animated machines, which have moved people’s dreams since ancient times. Especially in the salons of the 19th century bourgeoisie, the musical and figure automats were fascinating table talk. In the Elztalmuseum, technical miracles of that time, like the Chinese Nightingale, can be seen and heard.

Hans Christian Anderson has immortalized the Chinese Nightingale in his fairy tale of the same name, in which the Emperor of China dreams of an elaborately crafted nightingale automat which would never cease to sing.







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