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The Elztal Museum, located in the former home of a priestly order (an 18th century Baroque mansion), displays a range of cultural-historical topics on four floors totalling 1700 m². The Museum put together a valuable collection of melodious mechanical instruments from the town’s rich artistic handicraft tradition – and has doubled it during the last 17 years. The Museum that was originally set up to display regional history shifted the emphasis of its exhibits as the collection of mechanical musical boxes grew. The Elztal Museum is now the destination for an international public.


A visit to the Elztal Museum introduces visitors to the world of mechanical music with the sounds of the most varied of instruments, from the overwhelming volumes of the tones of a large organ down to the fine sounds of a musical box with all the refinement of precision mechanics. Time and again the eye is gripped by the optical variety on show. A wide-ranging accompanying educational museum programme passes on the main emphasis of the exhibits to a steadily growing public.



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